Walk! turn! good!…beginning of haute couture

Before mid 19th century all clothes were made by seamstress and milliners and according to wishes of client. Low-class woman who couldn’t afford to be dressed by seamstress had to sew. Worth was the first dressmaker that changed the course of fashion because society ladies he dressed didn’t choose any more what to wear, it was him. Walk! turn! good! Come back in a week, and I will compose you a toilette which will suit you.” These were the words that Charles Frederick Worth would say to you if you had an appointment in his Paris salon. The father of haute couture was the first designer and most significant tailor in the time when crinoline reached it greatest extent. Despite the fact that the mid-Victorian lady needed introduction to have honor to be dressed by Worth, who was very rude to his clients, they were all very anxious and patiently were waiting him in his showroom. French historian Taine had described Worth as little dry, black nervous creature with cigar wearing a velvet coat. By the 1860s first couturier was employing over 1000 workers and his collections were presented in luxury interiors. First fashion tycoon was also first designer that had live mannequins that were showing his collections to clients. His first model was his wife Marie Vernet, salesgirl that worked with him at Maison Gagelin. 

Worth, his wife Marie Vernet and evening gown c. 1862- 65
photo via MET


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